My name is Colin Rabyniuk

I'm a full-stack dev who loves all things digital.

Let’s build.



Node.js, React, MongoDB

Feb 2018 - Present

Most Canadian news services are not making strong digital products. NoFeed is an exploration of what a digital-first, tech-driven, Canadian-based news aggregator could look like. Using Node.js, the app parses a growing list of newsources, using NLP to categorize and group stories into a reverse chron newsfeed, where a human editor can curate and publish the best and most relevant stories.



July 2017

Cohousr is part of a co-housing research project I'm helping my brother with. It uses node and request-promise and Google's Custom Search Engine API to scrape data from cohousing craigslist ads. The data will be further analyzed to gain an accurate picture of how people are talking about these kinds of communities.


Node.js, Less, Pug

July 2017

This was my first ever open source contribution. ESFiddle is an ES6 online playground, letting users try out awesome ES6 features. I help redesigned the profile page to be mobile friendly and make better use of space.

Ron Howard Voice


June 2017

Ron Howard Voice is a dumb Twitter bot I made using Node.js and the npm package Twit. It's like, so dumb I shouldn't even talk about it here.

Sharp Custom Features

HTML5, SCSS, Javascript

April 2016 - Present

At Sharp, I've put together a variety of editorial features for the magazine. They're fun projects that let me design and develop. In the magazine, these articles would be big multi-page spreads, cover stories, but they often lose their impact when just put into a standard CMS template. These executions incease the impact of the stories online.

Other Work-Like Things

Wordpress Developer


Sept 2017 - Now

Work on variety of wordpress projects, front- and back-end, big and small, delivering custom themes and bespoke solutions.

Product Manager

Contempo Media

Sept 2015 - Now

Own the product strategy and execution for multiple digital properties. Work with key stakeholders to identify and prioritize business goals and user needs. Since relaunching sharpmagazine.com in Nov. 2015, we have doubled traffic and increased revenue by 50 per cent. Cool!

Front-End Developer

Contempo Media

Mar - Sept 2015

Worked on sharpmagazine.com, developing various editorial tools and site improvements. Built custom event management web app for the company's growing events business. Won multiple Canadian Online Publishing Awards for my work.

Web Designer

Maya Traditions Foundation

Sept 2014 - Dec 2014

In Panajachel, Guatemala, I worked on the new mayatraditions.com, a growing social enterprise focused on helping traditional Mayan artisans around Lake Atitlan.