I’m Colin Rabyniuk

Welcome to the Jekyll

Hey dudes! Hope you’re good.

Welcome to the new http://colinrabyniuk.com. It’s pretty simple, but take a look around anyway. It’s powered by Jekyll and based off this cool theme here so, yeah. I’m listening to Guns ’n Roses right now, as well. So that’s a thing.

Who’s Jekyll?

Not who, but what! Jekyll is a pretty cool little static site generator. Think of it like wordpress but with way less overheaad. I’ve been meaning to play around with it for a while. But, you know, haven’t.

It’s nice to have the benefits of a CMS without the overhead of a wordpress install. I’m going to be using this space to share what’s been going on with me – things I’m learning, stuff I’m working on. So, yeah, hope you enjoy.